Monday, September 24, 2012

Pants: Zara...Tank: Target...Cardigan: thrifted...Shoes: Nine West Outlet...Bracelets: Bloom Boutique & Target

Geeze, Louise, what a week we had. Dog: Intestinal function slowly restoring. Naughty, high energy back in full force. My Guy: Officially passed both the music history and theory parts of his comprehensive exams (actually, all 5 in their study group did!). Advanced to the next step in a Fall '13 job search, which was a long shot application in the first place. He was asked to teach in the Spring (he wasn't supposed to be allowed to teach and receive his stipend at all during his 4th year. We're SO grateful). Me: Never actually barfed, despite how gut-wrenchingly high-stress this week was, worrying about everyone else. My shoulders are currently docked at my earlobes- I need to find a cheap massage. But, we ate really  delicious grilled meats with our neighbors on Saturday, watched "Revenge of the Nerds" and finally have a tidied up kitchen. We won't talk about the greasy splatters still on the stove. Or the fact that our home still smells like smoked chickens.

But, a lot of things are a lot better. And I'm glad.

My sweet friends, I can't thank you enough for the positive energy you sent out for us last week!

In cheerful news, have you caught wind of Marion's trend-of-the-month style challenge? Linking up Wednesday- prepare yourselves... it's ANIMAL PRINT!


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