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Hello and welcome, I'm happy you're here!

Part chronicle of my daily nothing, part style blog, this little corner of the internet started as a way to distract myself while my husband finished his doctorate degree as I impatiently waited for him to get out and get a dang job.

Rob and I spent quite a few years moving cross-country while he attended schools for advanced degrees in Music Composition. We just left Houston, TX for a new city and Rob's first professor of music job: Suzhou, China! Fresh out of his DMA, he's scored a full-time tenure track position with an established university that is opening a brand new full-fledged music school. Smarty pants. Read up on our adventure of living as Expats in China over at McClures in Suzhou, we'd love the opportunity to gross you out with photos of stuff we see everyday.

Rob and I are pet parents to Miles Davis, a beagle and Eddie Van Halen, a fluffy grey cat. She is a girl. We picked Miles up on our move from Ohio to Arizona and we garbage-picked (literally) Eddie after her feral cat family wandered away and she fell into my parents' garbage can while looking for snacks. I love my critter kids dearly, but I'm thrilled that we're going to become first time for-real parents coming up in May, 2014!

Family is super important to us, but far flung. I have 2 younger sisters and a little brother (my birthday twin, just 10 years back). Sissy S just moved back to the States from Hong Kong, Sissy A is in Phoenix and Little Brother is attending college (!) in the same city where my adorable parents live in NW Ohio. I have Aunts, Uncles and cousins scattered from Maine to Hawaii and Rob's family is small and in OH and MI.

How much of that did you actually read? None of it? Skipped to then end? I can't blame you. 


  1. I also read it all. :) Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I was the biggest tomboy growing up as well.. in fact in 5th grade I could exclusively be seen in basketball or (long) running shorts. so funny because now i often dress quite girly but i suppose w/ some tough of tomboy hidden there haha. and wait, do you live in Phx now? I do and keep meaning to plan a blogger meetup someday so hope you do!

  3. Just stumbled on this today thanks to Pinterest! It's great to read into another expat's life!

  4. For a second I thought it was on purpose the position of the Pinterest sign on the first photo...

  5. I read it all! Found your blog via Instagram. Love the pics of your beautiful little girl and fur-babies!

  6. Someone needs an update for baby!!!


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