Vacation is Madness!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Good morning! I have so much to tell you about, so many absurd stories to tell and (at a 6pm check) over 750 new photos to possibly share. This Christmas weekend was so full and fulfilling. I am so grateful the drive to Ohio was relatively easy and that our time here so far has been jam-packed with doing a whooooooole lotta nothing with the people we love best. I'll be sharing more of the silliness as the week goes on, but I have to get dressed and to a breakfast with my Guy's sister and her family.

Haha, photos soooon!

Happiest Holidays and Safe Travels!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

T-minus about an hour and my Guy and I are OFF AND AWAY. We're driving through the night with our pup and will pick up my sister in Chicago on our way from Houston to Toledo. It's going to be a veeery long car ride, but worth it!

I am wearing the most bat-wing-ish/ cocoon sweater I own for the road trip. Doesn't hurt that it's red and I painted my nails green. I'm defying my guy's grinchy statements and will be wearing festive attire for the remainder of the weekend!

See you all soon! In the meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend, love on your families, relish watching the kids in your life squeal with excitement and stuff yourselves silly.

Pants: Gap...Tee: GapBody...Sweater: via Buffalo Exchange...Socks: Target...Boots: thrifted...Scarf: Gap

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Friday, December 23, 2011

Why on earth is it that you take the same steps to get ready day in and day out and some days you simply feel less hideous than others. I teased the crown of my hair the same way, used the same make up as every other morning this week an somehow I feel that my whole head-region is decidedly less bluuugh than in days past. I don't get it. Do you ever had icky-for-no-good-reason days and I-look-like-a-supermodel-and-I-did-nothing-different days? It's weird.

Well, this is just about as festive as it's gonna get- I have a red sweater that I will run around in on Christmas eve, but my guy told me it was over-the-top with the reddish plaid shirt I was planning to layer with it. I have no other red in my wardrobe, so this green on plaid look is as far as I'm able to go to get in the Christmas spirit. However, I am DEFINITELY in the Christmas spirit- I realized I'm on the road in just over 24 hours, hug my sisters in 2 days, my best friend and god son in 3 days and am stuffing myself silly with cookies in 4. Wooooo!

Pants: Gap...Button down: Old Navy, thrifted...Cardigan: Target...Shoes: Steve Madden via Piperlime...Bracelets: Beijing cart vendor


Thursday, December 22, 2011

I've had a reeeeeeally hard time figuring this jacket out. I love the military collar, I love that it's a herringbone with dark brown and ivory because it looks good with black and with tan. But, even though I had it altered, I feel like it's a little too loose to look good with fitted pencil bottoms and I only feel cute in it when I have layered the heck out of the outfit. Which is a shame, because I simply don't have many opportunities to wear it in a casual setting and it has really nice details and I truly love the concept of this piece. But, that's the fun of blogging, giving yourself the forced opportunity to re-try an article of clothing in a new and different way and to constructively criticize what's working and what doesn't. I think the "blah" days are better for honing in on my personal style aesthetic than days I wind up wearing something "cute."

I also love these tights- I much prefer textured tights over color (my default is black textured), but the combo in a dark, subtle maroon is smashing.

Dress: made at a Beijing tailor...Jacket: Gap...Belt: Gap...Tights: Gap...Shoes: MaxStudio via DSW


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Well, not really a blow-out, because I don't recall anything catastrophic happening, but we've got another crazy overnight flat tire. My Guy and I were taking our dandy time driving around last night, I saw the low tire pressure sensor pop on and thought "No biggie, I'll pop into Costco and have them fill it up tomorrow after work." I drove out of the carport this morning and just knew I already had a flat. So I looped around the block at a glacial speed and convinced my Guy to change into real-people clothes and come outside to help me. Working at home in your PJ's is rough stuff.

That's threeeeeee in a year, people.

Dress: Banana Republic Outlet...Cardigan: Target...Belt: Banana...Tights: Gap...Boots: Thrifted...Scarf: Beijing boutique

Oh, yeah, you're so cute... Glad you took your time getting ready- because you're reeeeeeeeally late now that you have a flat tire.

Hidden Talents

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have you ever discovered a new talent that kind of just makes you think "Huh?" I had one of those today.

I am reeeeeally good at changing complicated lightbulbs. Do you know how many types of MR-16 bulb fixtures are out there? Neither do I, but I've successfully changed bulbs in at least 4 different types- some of which were easy and pretty straight-forward. Today's goodie necessetated the following steps:

1. Slice around the trim to cut the caulk (who caulks a light trim to the ceiling? Ridic.)
2. Yank out and detatch the trim from the housing
3. Compress a metal latch and slide the bulb casing out of the housing
4. Compress the latch again and slide the baffle and lens off the bulb face
5. Struggle for many minutes to pull the bulb out of the socket. Don't crush the bulb, detatch the wires of fall off your ladder (which is perilously perched in the bathtub)
6. Carefully grow another hand to balance the new bulb in the socket holder, press the sides of the bulb inward and press the socket forward onto the bulb's tines. Pray it doesn't fall out and shatter and also that it's pressed in far enough to make an electrical connection
7. Reassemble the whole she-bang, all 20+ pieces. Cake walk!

Anyway, I pieced it together with no instruction. It was a weird thing to feel victorious over.

Good story, huh?

Pants: Gap...Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet...Cardigan: J Crew Outlet...Shoes: Steve Madden via Piperlime...Necklace: J Crew Outlet

Food Thief

Friday, December 16, 2011

Question: if it's Friday, a joyous occasion, why am I wearing neutrals? It's not my MO to wear color, I suppose. It's not a revelation or anything life-changing or even something I wasn't aware of, but I really really really prefer neutrals. I think I like the complexity of mixing subtle combinations of tone on tone. Upscale plain-Jane. In the nicest way possible. I like it even better after realizing I match my cat- grey and tan tabby.

Pants: Zara...Blouse: Banana Republic, thrifted...Blazer: Tinley Road via Piperlime...Shoes: MaxStudio via DSW

Packing begins in earnest tomorrow. But only after we eat enough sushi from our favorite dive to stuff ourselves silly tonight and slip into a salmon-induced food coma. Happy hour prices, baby!

The fluffy, food-stealing jerk.

Oh, and a quick story- My Guy brought home a McFlurry to share last night, because we had a sweet tooth, and the second he set it down on the side table next to me, Eddie cat leapt to it and stuck her little face in the top to help herself. I swatted her away and she immediately reached her little footie up and shoved it into the ice cream. What a jerk. Usually the beagle is the nosy food-theif, but she's been getting more and more bold. I caught her stealing a potato chip OUT OF THE BAG a few nights ago.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Sweater Love

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I wish I had hundreds of colors of this sweater- it was available at Gap when I first started working there over three years ago and I only bought 2. Biiiiiiiiig mistake. It's cut slim, it's lightweight wool, it has a ribbon-lined placket for the buttons. I have never ever had an article of clothing from Gap that I wear more often which holds up this well. Alas, I couldn't justify spending so much just after our move from Arizona and starting a new job and have only a cobalt and tan. And I especially love the cobalt.

Ever have an article of clothing that holds a special place in your heart? Which sounds ridiculous, but I think we all have at least one.

Skirt: Target...Blouse: Gap...Cardigan: Gap... Shoes: MaxStudio via DSW...Belt: Banana Republic

The definition of insanity

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Well, we all know the saying... But, for kicks, let's try flared pants one more time. I'm still not sold. I know a wedge heel would help, but something about the overall effect is still a little bit "only okay" for my taste. BTW, does this combo on top look a little familiar? Oopsies. I washed 'em, I washed 'em.

Pants: via Buffalo Exchange...Button-down: Banana Outlet...Sweater: J Crew, thrifted...Shoes: Nine West Outlet

Holiday nails- Revlon Matte Sued Emerald Green
That's all I've got today, ladies. I'll do better tomorrow.

What's Black and Black and Black all over?

That would be me. On party hosting days. Boss lady is hosting the Board Meeting in her home this month as a joint Holiday Party and Meeting (restoration powerpoint for the folk art environment). Anyway, I thought I could blend into the woodwork appropriately in black on black, but I wore some of my favorite pieces to keep it from being dullsville. I thrifted this dress years ago and love the texture, length  and nipped in fit. This sweater is cozy but boring as heck when I wear it loose, so belted it is! Toss in a few necklaces in tone on tone pewter and my ridiculous earrings that are vaguely reminiscent of snowflakes and I'm ready.

Dress: thrifted...Sweater: Gap...Necklaces: J Crew Outlet & Banana Republic...Belt: Banana...Shoes: Naturalizer

Grey Day

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I thought I would give a tone on tone look a shot and style it without tucking the top in, a la Amanda from Off of Broadway. Another fail. The pattern of the skirt is too small. The Cableknit is too big and chunky (and has a greenish hint to the color). I think what I need to be doing is try outfits in their entirety on the night before and snap a shot juuuuust to be sure I look decent-ish. This is not decent-ish. This is a mess.


Skirt: thrifted...Tee:Gap...Sweater: Gap...Shoes: Naturalizer...Necklace: J Crew


Monday, December 12, 2011

This weekend has been a blasty-blast. We spent Friday evening with Bromance and his lovely lady before they head off and away for the holidays (we ate our body weight in cheap Mexican food and then double that in frozen yogurt). Saturday was spent thrifting while my Guy worked on projects, then laundry and Lethal Weapon-fest (and a 2-man drinking game. Spiked hot-chocolate makes laundry and Mel more enjoyable every time). And today, the coup-de-grĂ¢ce, we spent at Kemah Boardwalk eating shrimp, people watching and enjoying a sunny day on the Gulf. For fun. Why not? We rode a roller coaster and everything!

SATURDAY: Jeans: Gap...Button-down: Target...Sweater: J Crew, thrifted...Jacket: Tinley Road via Piperlime...Boots: Target 
SUNDAY: Jeans: Gap (same ones, oops)...Button-down: Banana Outlet...Sweater: Thrifted...Jacket: Gap...Shoes: Sperry via DSW

I have been so excited for a reason to wear this sweater- it's thick and awesome and makes me feel almost as cute as Loren.

The "Boardwalk Bullet". Totally worth the moolah. BTW- thanks Vanna.
My roller-coaster hair. My Guy tried to help tame it and got his whole HAND stuck in there.

I loooove weekends like this- we both did our fair share of work and house-tidying, but we spent real time together and are feeling really truly rested and ready for next week. Ahhhhhh, two weeks before Christmas and our trip back to Ohio- I'm off to start packin'! (Do you ever save clothes waaaaay in advance of a trip so that you for sure have it clean and so it feels "special" when you do wear it? Only me? Oh, okay.)

We're off to finish out the Lethal Weapon series. See you all manana!

Nope, nope, nope.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Everything about the bottom portion of this look is "off." As it turns out, I hate flared pants. The sock bun? Cute. The simple Blazer and striped sweater combo? Flattering. Dumpy hip and thigh proportions and puddle of fabric pooling around my feet? Nope. I also discovered that these simple black flats look like bad ballet slippers when worn with socks. And that part's probably only in my head, but I hated it.

Can't win everyday, huh? Own up to it and try again!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Well, this has been a fun-filled week. I have experinced the following:

1. Someone stuffing a full sized live Christmas tree INTO their car. Not roped on top. INTO.
2. Squirrels building nests in downspouts and crawling around in walls.
3. Transformer blow-out at our apartment and and electrical fire which exploded all the electrical load wires into oblivion.
4. An inadvertant evening of neighbor hang out with red wine around a chiminea/ late evening dinner prepared by candlelight. 1862 is fun. (We got power back a little after midnight.)

The thrills!

Today I'm linking up with Open to Interpretation- Thanks Erica, Kayla and Amy!

Pants: Zara...Tee: J Crew Outlet...Sweater: Gap...Shoes: Steve Madden via Ross... Bag: Fake-O Tod's

And on to proof of my nutso week:

The a-hole squirrel. I watched this little guy spring from the downspout to the tree, scurry downward, nibble off a little branch, spring from a low, close limb over to the brick, scurry up, dump his twig in the downspout and do it over and over. At one point I told him that it was an idiot move to keep building, he was going to be evicted and metal screen built over the top of the downspout. He glared at me and went back for more.

That utility pole back there is where the transformer is that exploded. The cables that run power into our building were in tact but flamey for a while, which left us all with really dim lights for about 20 minutes. The fire department was on site very quickly but we had to wait for the elec. company to come turn off power before they could extinguish. In the time we were waiting, it sparked and blew up one more time, knocking out the power completely and severing the wires. THANK GOODNESS the carport has a galvanized steel roof.

It was really cold last night, too. So we wrapped up in blankets and spent the early evening with neighbors outside by the chiminea, made a simple pasta dinner by candlelight on the gas stove, snuggled under more blankets for the duration of the evening and then hunkered down for an early bedtime. Layered under blankets. It was kind of fun to do a little urban camping!

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