Thursday, December 8, 2011

Well, this has been a fun-filled week. I have experinced the following:

1. Someone stuffing a full sized live Christmas tree INTO their car. Not roped on top. INTO.
2. Squirrels building nests in downspouts and crawling around in walls.
3. Transformer blow-out at our apartment and and electrical fire which exploded all the electrical load wires into oblivion.
4. An inadvertant evening of neighbor hang out with red wine around a chiminea/ late evening dinner prepared by candlelight. 1862 is fun. (We got power back a little after midnight.)

The thrills!

Today I'm linking up with Open to Interpretation- Thanks Erica, Kayla and Amy!

Pants: Zara...Tee: J Crew Outlet...Sweater: Gap...Shoes: Steve Madden via Ross... Bag: Fake-O Tod's

And on to proof of my nutso week:

The a-hole squirrel. I watched this little guy spring from the downspout to the tree, scurry downward, nibble off a little branch, spring from a low, close limb over to the brick, scurry up, dump his twig in the downspout and do it over and over. At one point I told him that it was an idiot move to keep building, he was going to be evicted and metal screen built over the top of the downspout. He glared at me and went back for more.

That utility pole back there is where the transformer is that exploded. The cables that run power into our building were in tact but flamey for a while, which left us all with really dim lights for about 20 minutes. The fire department was on site very quickly but we had to wait for the elec. company to come turn off power before they could extinguish. In the time we were waiting, it sparked and blew up one more time, knocking out the power completely and severing the wires. THANK GOODNESS the carport has a galvanized steel roof.

It was really cold last night, too. So we wrapped up in blankets and spent the early evening with neighbors outside by the chiminea, made a simple pasta dinner by candlelight on the gas stove, snuggled under more blankets for the duration of the evening and then hunkered down for an early bedtime. Layered under blankets. It was kind of fun to do a little urban camping!


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