Hidden Talents

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have you ever discovered a new talent that kind of just makes you think "Huh?" I had one of those today.

I am reeeeeally good at changing complicated lightbulbs. Do you know how many types of MR-16 bulb fixtures are out there? Neither do I, but I've successfully changed bulbs in at least 4 different types- some of which were easy and pretty straight-forward. Today's goodie necessetated the following steps:

1. Slice around the trim to cut the caulk (who caulks a light trim to the ceiling? Ridic.)
2. Yank out and detatch the trim from the housing
3. Compress a metal latch and slide the bulb casing out of the housing
4. Compress the latch again and slide the baffle and lens off the bulb face
5. Struggle for many minutes to pull the bulb out of the socket. Don't crush the bulb, detatch the wires of fall off your ladder (which is perilously perched in the bathtub)
6. Carefully grow another hand to balance the new bulb in the socket holder, press the sides of the bulb inward and press the socket forward onto the bulb's tines. Pray it doesn't fall out and shatter and also that it's pressed in far enough to make an electrical connection
7. Reassemble the whole she-bang, all 20+ pieces. Cake walk!

Anyway, I pieced it together with no instruction. It was a weird thing to feel victorious over.

Good story, huh?

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