Monday, December 12, 2011

This weekend has been a blasty-blast. We spent Friday evening with Bromance and his lovely lady before they head off and away for the holidays (we ate our body weight in cheap Mexican food and then double that in frozen yogurt). Saturday was spent thrifting while my Guy worked on projects, then laundry and Lethal Weapon-fest (and a 2-man drinking game. Spiked hot-chocolate makes laundry and Mel more enjoyable every time). And today, the coup-de-grĂ¢ce, we spent at Kemah Boardwalk eating shrimp, people watching and enjoying a sunny day on the Gulf. For fun. Why not? We rode a roller coaster and everything!

SATURDAY: Jeans: Gap...Button-down: Target...Sweater: J Crew, thrifted...Jacket: Tinley Road via Piperlime...Boots: Target 
SUNDAY: Jeans: Gap (same ones, oops)...Button-down: Banana Outlet...Sweater: Thrifted...Jacket: Gap...Shoes: Sperry via DSW

I have been so excited for a reason to wear this sweater- it's thick and awesome and makes me feel almost as cute as Loren.

The "Boardwalk Bullet". Totally worth the moolah. BTW- thanks Vanna.
My roller-coaster hair. My Guy tried to help tame it and got his whole HAND stuck in there.

I loooove weekends like this- we both did our fair share of work and house-tidying, but we spent real time together and are feeling really truly rested and ready for next week. Ahhhhhh, two weeks before Christmas and our trip back to Ohio- I'm off to start packin'! (Do you ever save clothes waaaaay in advance of a trip so that you for sure have it clean and so it feels "special" when you do wear it? Only me? Oh, okay.)

We're off to finish out the Lethal Weapon series. See you all manana!


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