Happiest Holidays and Safe Travels!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

T-minus about an hour and my Guy and I are OFF AND AWAY. We're driving through the night with our pup and will pick up my sister in Chicago on our way from Houston to Toledo. It's going to be a veeery long car ride, but worth it!

I am wearing the most bat-wing-ish/ cocoon sweater I own for the road trip. Doesn't hurt that it's red and I painted my nails green. I'm defying my guy's grinchy statements and will be wearing festive attire for the remainder of the weekend!

See you all soon! In the meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend, love on your families, relish watching the kids in your life squeal with excitement and stuff yourselves silly.

Pants: Gap...Tee: GapBody...Sweater: via Buffalo Exchange...Socks: Target...Boots: thrifted...Scarf: Gap


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