Menswear and the Kitty Cat tragedy

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sorry, guys, this is a total sob story of epic proportions... Thank goodness I put out a menswear inspired outfit early last night because I'm too tired and delirious to have put on anything other than pj's this morning. Not true, I didn't even spend the time finding pj's last night, since My Guy left his t-shirt drawer open I stole one. At 2 am. Let me explain:

I was diligently working my way through the repair pile in it's entirety (I'm ready for tomorrow, too!) and left my little snippets of thread on a side table. When I got finished, I tacked the needle into spool, lumped it all in the middle of the table and watched some Hulu on my phone. Next thing I know, I see our little girl sitting on the table, which isn't unusual. I saw her mouthing something, also not unusual. And then I saw the sinister gleam of light reflecting off of the needle. In her mouth. But the time I scooped her up and tried to grab it, she was squirming and it was gone. Mother trucker, the sharp pointy needle is missing, down my 7 lb cat's throat.

I was wailing hysterically and My Guy, being the good husband he is, held her while I pried her mouth open. No luck. So we went to the ER Vet and were waiting and waiting and waiting. I got done at 2 am and the following was concluded:
  1. She had an xray that confirmed she did indeed swallow the needle and it was in her stomach, not dangerous to any vital organs for the moment. 
  2. She was behaving completely like herself, so we were concerned but not panicked. 
  3. She is a joy eater and scarfed her dinner, so there was plenty of food padding.
  4. My options were:
  • Let her try to poop it out, which was know to happen. But she is very small and it could have gotten stuck partway through, resulting in 'spensive surgery.
  • Send a scope down her throat and retrieve it. Also many thousands.
  • Take her home and in the morning go to a regular vet that the ER doc trusted implicitly and see what they say.
I went with the 3rd option.

I'm so glad I did. She was still her normal self this morning, but I spent my 3 1/2 hours of sleep waking up, tapping her head to make sure she was still alive. We left the house at 6:30 to drive way out of town to the vet who opened at 7:15. She doesn't do well in a carrier, so she's a lap kitty in the car. All is normal, we're driving through early am big city traffic and, about 3 exits away from where we get off the highway, she barfs. All over my pants. And my first thought was "Hooray! Maybe she barfed up the needle!" Not the case, but at least she was empty for a more accurate 2nd xray. We were shown right in, the ER had faxed over her records, the doc said he could do a little incision and slide the needle out surgery for a few hundred. Like, BAM, easy inexpensive fix for your disaster cat. How the H did we get so fortunate that we didn't have to make a tough call of wait it out or bite the bullet? There was middle ground and I was so grateful.

During our 3 hour ER wait.
So, moral of the story is that my cat will be fine, I got the call that she was done with the surgery at 8:40 and was doing okay and I can pick her up after 3. The funniest part of it is that now my dog and my cat will have matching foreign object removal scars on their bellies.

On to the more fun stuff of the day...
I was more pumped about wearing these shoes than anything else in today's challenge. They're secondhand Salvatore Ferragamo oxfords, they're slim on my feet and they cost me $22. Instead of $300. I win! I've been stashing these since April when I found them.

Shirt: Target...Pants: long ago Gap...Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo via Buffalo Exchange

I do know I look a little dumpy today, but at some other point I will do menswear a little more "my way" with a pencil skirt and vest, but this outfit could not have been better for my day. My pants were barfed upon and cleaned up like a champ. My shirt kept me fully covered as a squirmy cat clambored all over me. And the glasses are both laziness and a little bit of an inadvertant throwback to 50's nerd frames.

Let's hope this is the end of the madness for this week.


  1. Awww your poor cat... What a rough night that must have been! I'm glad he's better and it was a cheap-ish fix!

    And I think your outfit is super cute!

  2. I can't even believe this. Poor kitty. At least he seems like he's none the worst for the wear! How traumatic for you though.

    Freckles in April

  3. i can't believe you found ferragamo shoes for 30 bones. that is fantastic. you need to rock those all winter.
    also, im really glad your cat is okay and that it didn't cost you a fortune.

  4. I'm glad your kitty is OK! We've had some troubles with our dogs eating weird stuff (my old toys and our kitchen scrubbers, to name a few), but never our cats.

    P/S: Love your outfit!

    14 Shades of Grey

  5. And another comment from me....I have to confess AND apologize. First (and the first time I visited your blog) I didn't read your post and only looked at your pictures. I've since returned and read your entire post and I'm soooo sorry that you and Kitty had to go through that and also sorry I didn't mention it before!!! But also glad kitty is out of the woods!

  6. I'm so glad that story had a happy ending!

  7. You all are so sweet, thanks for the kind well wishes for Eddie. She's home and is quiet, but seemingly herself.
    I am really looking forward to wearing my mended blouse tomorrow (you know, the one for which I has to thread the darn needle). Is there such thing as a spite outfit?

  8. OH my gosh, I would die. I have a cat about the same size and I can't even imagine that happening. In fact, I'm going to go put all of my pins and needles away right now.

    In other news, you look cute, I'm loving the outfit and shoes. Way to score an awesome find.


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