Mixing Navy and Black

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ooooooh, scandalous. Navy and Black. I am personally a fan of all kinds of ill-advised color pairings.

I also really love both of these pieces on their own. The blazer was my first big-ticket gift to self when I started working part time at Gap and I adore the fit.  Let's just say my waist is little and I'm flat as a pancake without the help of a push-up... and this blazer nips and fits in all the right place. The dress is just so classic, so interesting, so beautifully basic. And it was thrifted for pennies. I crap you not, I paid $2.50 in change for this little number.

Also- middle part: yea or nay?

Dress: thrifted...Blazer: Gap...Belt: Target...Shoes: Naturalizer

 And one little funny- I thought the memory card I used was cleared off, but here is the summer time goodie I found from a trip back to Ohio in May: My sisters and I all got to pick out drawings and paintings that my Grandpa made when he was younger. Look closely- I picked out a faux-advertisement for racy stockings and bras.
Sissy A, Grandpa, Sissy S, me


  1. Middle part is adorable, and so is the belt!

  2. The middle part is cute, but I like your normal side part better, I think. Maybe because it's what I'm used to? I LOVE the navy and black. Rules are meant to be broken!

  3. @AliThanks! And perhaps I should try wavy next time.

  4. I'm with Ali, I like the side part better - though I do like your hair in the second picture.

    I never understand the whole "navy/black" and "brown/black" thing. This is a very sharp outfit.

    14 Shades Of Grey


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