Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Guy and I got to spend time with a really good friend for the first time in ages yesterday evening. Of course, I was in crud pants at work (I'm the new MR-16 lightbulb changing guru... Those bad boys get very hot very quickly.) and I was told partway through the day that dinner plans were in place. Leaving me with the following timeline:
5:45 convince boss that I need to move along.
6:05 arrive home to "pee the dog" as we say.
6:15 my Guy arrives home from school, frantically tug on a nicer looking skirt
6:20 use the flat iron to toss strategic waves in my hair so I don't look like I have air-dried half-combed hair
6:25 feed dog and race out the door for a 6:30 dinner reservation.

I was dang close to making it on time. I chose all the right back roads to avoid congestion.

So: part 1 and part 2 of the day-

Pants: Gap...Blouse: Banana, thrifted...Cardigan: Gap...Shoes: LeSportsac via DSW clearance...Necklace: DIY

DIY long strand necklace with Michaels cheapie beads. Interest in a tutorial? 

Same blouse and sweater...Skirt: China-made during my visit to see my sis...Boots: thrifted...Belt: thrifted

I am SO GLAD I changed into a skirt- the restaurant was one we'd never been to and I know our friend's MO- he's a picky eater of Americana staples (think steaks and potatoes), prefers finer dining and a killer cocktail. Dinner in chinos was not going to cut it. My Guy put on a button down vs. the plain tee he had on all day. Let's just say it was good choices all around because the food was excellent, the dining room was quiet enough for conversation and we looked like we fit into the crowd. I even got a "ma'am". And I kinda liked it.

And one more "hooray"- these boots fit properly around my skinny calves. I came to the conclusion that I would cheerfully buck up real monies to buy a nice slim riding boot and then these puppies came along. And THAT is why you stalk your resale and thrift stores.


  1. So...I think we need a tutorial on that hair transformation. How on earth did you do that with a straightener? Help!

    Boots are super cute too...hooray for the quick change, right?

  2. Wow!!!! It would have taken me 3times as long to look so good! Although you look great both ways and bravo on finding the boots! Love that skirt!

  3. I love how you totally transformed your day outfit into a night-out-outfit. It looks great. And those boots are beautiful!

  4. I'm super impressed by the switch! The day outfit looks awesomely put together while still being something you could change lightbulbs in. I love the silver boat shoes, too. The skirt and boots take it to a whole new level. Very classy!

    I'd love a tutorial on that necklace.


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