Fall Neutrals

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

 **Before I even get to my outfit today- keep your eyes open for another post full of goodness a little later today!**

I've done some color mixing and pattern matching the last few weeks, but today I needed something a little more familiar- mixing neutrals. My dad teases me relentlessly that I'll turn out just like my mom (too late- already have) and get stuck in a rut of khaki and white shirts, that I have a sick knack for picking up 70's inspired blouses that "mom already owned one just like that!" I'm over it. My mom isn't stylish- she's a tomboy at heart and would more happily spend the day covered in soil, clad in crappy jeans than in a designer sheath dress, but I did glean a little style inspiration from her- the insistance that if it doesn't move with you and do what you need it to do, don't wear it. And buy it in tan.

Cue this outfit: I'm a sucker for jackets, even though I have a heckuva time with a good fit. This one is a microchevron tweed in ivory and dark dark brown. The dress is my recent Target goodie in a black and light tan animal/stippling print. Add a little cognac as "color" and SHABAM, I have neutral on neutral outfit with good movement, a few of my favorite pieces and mom-approved function.

Dress: Target...Blazer: Gap...Boots: Thrifted...Belt: Thrifted

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  1. I have been following your blog now for a few weeks and I love your style. each post is such a pleasure to read! I have just bought a tweed style jacket and you have totally given me some inspiration here!
    Rachel :)


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