Happy Birthday to my Guy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

He's officially in his LATE 20's. (Cue ominous organ chord) I love celebrating his birthday because he's so cheerfully into it. I adore his zest for life, his excitement about adventures to come, new experiences, making new friends. He enjoys celebrating his accomplishments as well as his plans. And I like to spoil him rotten, so it is a great day for the both of us.

I asked him this morning what he thought I should wear in celebration. Blue or red? Blue. Skirt, dress or pants? Skirt. Any other input? Tegan and Sara stripes.
Good music...
My husband wants me to dress like the LA lesbian rocker crowd. They're hotties, I'm okay with that.

So, here you have it: a profesh version of Tegan and Sara stripes. If only my hair would do all the same magical things when it's that short... I'd cut it in a heartbeat.

Skirt: Thrifted...Top: Banana Outlet...Blazer: Gap...Shoes: Mrkt via DSW...Crazed Hair: c/o early morning construction outside of our bathroom window. I didn't want to be seen primping by creepers for too long.

Hey, Kate, quit yapping in the middle of photos.

How do you celebrate your loved one? I feed mine mass quantities of sushi at our favorite dirt cheap dive. And cart him off to a dive/neighborhood bar. When I told my Guy of these plans, I think he squealed with joy. It's almost as though I "get" him or somethin'...


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