Rain and Oranges

Monday, October 10, 2011

It. Rained. Like. Crazy. Today.

I adore storms. I love the sounds, I love the cool mist, I love how the air smells. I woke up early today to the sound of a building downpour since the overnight lows are finally reasonable enough to feel cool and comfortable enough to open windows. This summer was wildly hot and I sure don't mind being hot (I moved from Ohio where the winters are eternally depressing. And grey.) but the drought this year and a relatively inactive hurricane season left me craving rain. Slow drizzle all day and a few bursts of larger rainstorms washed away the crap of this last week and finally got me relaxed enough to start fresh.

Oh, and the oranges you ask? My boss is involved with this fabulous Folk Art environment called the Orange Show. The nonprofit that manages the site also takes care of The Beer Can House and the Art Car Parade, all of which are Houston institutions.
Mosaic in the Orange Show
The big fundraising Gala is coming up in about 4 weeks and the mission statement for the Orange Show has always been "Celebrate the Artist in Everyone" so we make/decorate the party favors and this year was picture frames. My Guy and I went to the Decorating BBQ and I wore this Orange dress to celebrate. Even with the rain, board members, local artists, staff, friends, and anyone else we could talk into coming arrived to decorate the picture frames. It's such a cheerful afternoon.

Dress: Thrifted...Button-down: Target...Sandals: via DSW...Necklaces: Gap

See you all in the morning. I won't go into details and be a whiner, but last week was rough. I am looking forward to this next week being infinitely better. The rain helped.


  1. These colors look great on you! Great combo. I can never tie a plaid shirt without looking like a farm-hand, but this is straight classy.

  2. Love the plaid shirt and the orange skirt - such wonderful fall colors, and you look gorgeous in them!


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