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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

These shoes are why you stalk your local resale places. I found these Michael by Michael Kors leather loafers in the spring for $12.50. Yup, I said it. Go twice weekly- on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening and on Saturay mid-day so you get the best of what's coming in as people sell their stuff. I have my best luck with designer or higher end shoes on Tuesdays (people who are into fashion and work retail will generally have Monday or Tuesday off). I also really love this heathered lightweight boxy sweater. It's a silhouette I've been very happy has become "fashionable"- I've had my fair share of looser sweaters, I'm just glad I can a) wear them and b) find more in resale shops since they're "trendy".

Pants: Zara...Button Down: Target...Sweater: Buffalo Exchange...Shoes: Michael by Michael Kors via Buffalo Exchange

30 Days Hath November: Day 25- The contents of my purse: I laughed so hard when I read this prompt. My bags are never just a purse- they function as a lunchbox, makeup counter,shopping bag, filing cabinet... I start weeks with a reasonable amount of stuff, but it explodes out of control. It's still particularly junky and filled with funny things after the Thanksgiving weekend away.

Day 28- A Skill I'd Like to Learn: I want to learn fine finish carpentry. I want to know what species of wood is good for different projects. I want to learn how to use major power tools and confident. It won't happen in our tiny tiny apartment, but someday.

Day 29- Someplace I'd like to visit: If we're talking about a reasonable/ attainable place to go- I am dying to check out the Pacific Northwest. I sense Portland, Eugene, Seattle, San Francisco... would all be places I could get into. A little hippy, super friendly, temperate weather, gorgeous landscape. My kinda town. If we're talking dream trip, I want to drag my super-adventurous sissies (Sissy S lives in China, Sissy A travelled through India alone for 3 weeks and both travelled through Turkey together.) along on a trip to Africa. One day. And I chose Africa mostly because I wouldn't be the only lame-o to have not been there. I've known people who go for various reasons, from missionary work to intensive immersion experiences for Ghanaian drum & dance ethnomusicology and EVERYONE has said the experience is so filled with community and meeting new lifelong friends.

Day 30 coming soon (and perhaps a day late). Can you believe the month is over?!


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