She's Lump

Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh, hey, lumpy/wrinkled sweater and crazy hair. Lookin' cute today, I see. Trying to use that big bold necklace to mask the late wake-up time, aren't you? You're fooling no one.

Pssssh, you don't knoooow me.

I really did wake up mucho late today- my Guy ran an Electronic Music recital filled with both pieces done by the intro class he teaches as well as some grad student works. It made for a long concert and our game plan was that he would call me when they were done packing up so I could bike over to wherever the group was hanging out after. 11:30 rolled around and no call. I call, I call, I call. No pick up. 12:05 I texted several friends who, strangely, didn't go out with the group and didn't know what the possible plans were. Call, call, call, weird click and straight to voicemail. I finally got my call around 12:35. "Phone was turned off and I forgot, I'm sorry." Yeah, no big deal. I just thought you were at a hospital. Or fell into an orchestra pit never to be seen again. How do you forget that you were supposed to hang out with your wife? Turd, I tell ya. And he got home safe, no problems, but it takes a really loooong time to wind down after feeling that frantic.

So I woke up late. And picked this wrinkly, disheveled outfit. I'm over it.

Pants: Gap...Shirt: J Crew Outlet...Cardigan: Target...Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction via Piperlime... Necklace: thrifted


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