Early Morning Excitement

Monday, January 30, 2012

We had the strangest late night last night- We snuggled in at 9:30 and started snoozing but were ruuuudely awakened at 3:00 am to the sound of car parts crunching over the curb right at our corner (our apartment is a funny old 30's gem with paper-thin windows), drunken dudes hollering, tire irons clanging, cursing, cursing, cursing. By the time 3:40 rolled around, they were still cursing and trying to change their popped tire and I got curious about who the frick it was. So, I looked out the window to see a "brah" looking dude with a flat-brimmed trucker cap and chin strap facial hair and another hipster-dude with a Beatle bowl cut, thick glasses and flannel (How did these two meet?! It seems like they should have been worlds apart!) and was sneaking a nosy peek juuust as my sweet upstairs neighbor walked out to tell them to give it a drunken rest until morning- if they couldn't change the tire within 45 minutes, it wasn't going to happen. Bless her, I'm sure my tolerance for noise is much greater than hers, but even I was annoyed. My Guy and I had a horrible time settling back down to sleep, I think I finally zoned back out at around 5. Yeeehaw!

The car was still at the corner this morning with a deflated tire when I walked the dog. Drunken goons.

Skirt: F21 (old)...Sweater: Gap...Scarf: Liberty of London, thrifted...Belt: thrifted...Shoes: Target

This skirt and modest pump combo remind me a little of the 40's with a long, slim hem. I'm happily covering my knees to be on-trend with an era to hook up with the Winter Challenge again today. This week has prompts that are going to force me to think a little harder, which is great! I was also sweetly invited to join My Greatest Hits' ABC's of Fashion Challenge and this works beautifully today for K is for Knits. Check them out!


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