New Year's Non-Resolutions

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My husband and I have never been big New Year's resolution makers, but we had a brief heart to heart yesterday about 2012. Because of the uncertainty of our lives for the next two years or so as he finishes this dang degree, we can't even begin to touch on broad-scope intentions. I would love to begin talking about a more permanent home, about switching jobs that might give me a better work life balance, benefits, vacation. Ideally, starting a family would be in our cards. Buuuuut, not a chance on any of that. Because we're still in a situation of holding onto short-term solutions for longer than I'd like. Even if I made some changes, there's the possibility of my Guy scoring a "for real" teaching job and uprooting for another cross country move. And that wouldn't be fair to whoever hired me. So here we are, sitting and waiting.

We can control some of the little things, though.
Like being more encouraging to our friends.
And exercising and eating better.
And being more intentional about making our needs known to the other. No passive aggressive poop about thinking the other "should know".
Learning to be more affectionate each day.
And cursing a little less.

And sadly, with only one computer between the two of us and one of us using it professionally (notta me), blogging will remain a happy hobby when I'm able. I am reeeeally glad to have gotten into the loop and gotten to know so many of you amazing women!

Happiest New Year wishes. I'm off to make and eat a massive amount of chili.


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