Late Evening

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There's something wonderful about pairing a slim pencil skirt with a big personality with a crisp white button-down. I should have left this cardigan out of it, though, especially since this thrifted white blouse has the most wonderful tuxedo-shirt details like box pleat all the way up the back and high arched details on the hips. Another "live-and-learn" outfit.

Last night was strange- I was ready to walk out the door at 5 to come home and make a crappy dinner so my guy could eat and head back to school to work at a piano, but I have work ethic, which is oftentimes my downfall. I called Boss Lady before I left and she said "I'm so glad you called- could you please please help me pick up my granddaughters? Their mom is taking their brother to the hospital for his knee and I'm stuck at Verizon still." I figure, sure, no problem, I'll buzz over, grab them and pop back by the house to drop them off for family dinner. Too bad Valentine's Day meant all the crazies were out driving, road raging their way home for their own celebration- both the freeway and back-roads options were completely clogged. I spent an hour driving the 7 miles to their house. Aaaand, one of the ladies of the Board (who had a meeting at the other office which is about 3 miles away from the house) left her laptop on a chair and needed it to work that night. I agreed to pick it up and meet her at a grocery store parking lot after I dropped the girls off.

7:25 rolls around and I make the hand-off of the laptop, abandon my dinner plans and grab a handful of crappy grocery store sushi because there's nothing to cook and a very large container of ice cream and book it home.

I'm tired today. Unexpected late evenings at work are exhausting.

Skirt: thrifted...Button-down: Express, thrifted...Cardigan: Target...Shoes: Target...Belt: Banana Republic


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