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Monday, February 20, 2012

Bedhead, it's a wonderful thing. I know that's not the normal notion, but I love how wonderfully lumpy and wavy mine gets after I sleep on it after an evening shower. Is that weird? I feel as though my hair in Houston is more difficult to manage than anywhere else we've lived, it feels like it get greasy faster, humidity doesn't make my wavy hair "big," just limp, volumizing shampoos make it feel weird, clarifying shampoos make it stringy. I guess the frustration of never knowing how it will look to start out the day and how it will end up, either frizzy or limp, is why I like bedhead updo's so well. A little wave, a lot of volume, and it doesn't feel icky, mostly because it's out of my way. To top it off, I pin pack the front with 2-3 bobby pins and the back part gets swooped into a barely finger-combed bun and secured with a single claw clip. What's not to love?

Pants: Gap, thrifted...Button-down: Target...sweater: Gap...Shoes: Le SportSac via DSW...Necklaces: thrifted and Target

Emily and I promised one another we'd buck up and take photos outside this weekend since we have the same inconvenient work week schedule which necessitates poorly lit indoor photos in the morning. This one's for you, girl!


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