Cinco Celebration and an Early Birthday

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yesterday was just a niiiice weekend day. We spent the early morning sprawled across the bed, petting and snuggling any critter that wandered by (Miles is always far more inclined to soak up the attention, but Eddie took her fair share... and even approached us while the dog was near to do so. Big. Deal.), I dropped by the local cafe (which turns into "hipster hell" by noon but at 9 am was filled with retirees looking for a perfect brew) and grabbed a cortado since my carafe for my french press is still unreplaced. Got home, showed My Guy all kinds of crap on Pinterest as his eyes glazed over until I hit my Tattoo board. (I have always wanted one, but it's becoming a "thing"... Anyone know an artist in Houston that can do really delicate linework? I have long had a major urge to get a sleeve of sorts in sweet/ vintage florals that have meaning to me.)

I then read aloud Ron Rash's short story "Badeye" which has long been a standing family joke that Rob was not yet privy to. Best line of the story (in reference to the snowcone selling, bootlegging townie whose wife attacked him for unknown grievences in the night: "...But even those men who did not drink, like my father, felt Badeye was a necessary evil in a town where the nearest legal alcohol was 15 miles away. These men also realized that each of them had probably done something during their years of marriage that warranted an icepick in the eye. Badeye's right eye had died for all their sins." I love how wonderfully and melodramatically hilarious that passage is.

An afternoon of browsing for a multi-tasking new birthday blouse with my friend was a nice way to spend the afternoon. We all met up later in the evening and hopped over to the neighborhood bar, which was wonderfully sparse and laughed the night away. One friend in particular, got much chattier than he normally is and provided much entertainment while we were driven to Whataburger for greasy fries. "It's 1:00. That meeeeeans something!" What?!

Anywho, this outfit represents pretty well who I wish I could be all the time- casual, femenine, a liiiittle edge, but approachable. I have this funny dual urge to dress proper/ femenine/ preppy and dress like this. It's a conundrum. But this wonderfully ratty sidebraid and make-you-feel-like-a-fox eyeliner and false lashes at the outer corners tip the scales a little bit... I'll say the opposite next week when I look pristine in a well-fitting pencil skirt.


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