Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our neighbors are awesome. Good, fun people, inclusive, kind, funny, and interesting. Several days ago, one woman starting asking around about whether or not we'd chip in a little money and some man-power to sod the courtyard (there's a looooot of dogs in the building and when it gets muddy, they tear it up). We agreed and last night the community gathered to complete the project. Our upstairs neighbor had free flagstone and brought enough for two little paths to lead to our picnic table and will bring more today to finish lining under it. Our artist friend picked up the sod and sand. His wife with a very green thumb gave instructions of where to place potted plants for optimum growth. We all pitched in and tilled the old grass and removed the clumps, we leveled the soil, spread sand and started to lay the sod. And then sat around the picnic table in its muddy pit and sipped on beers and chatted our way into the night.

I'll have pictures tomorrow! It's looking amazing already.

Pants: Gap Slim Crop...Blouse: via Buffalo Exchange...Cardigan: via Buffalo Exchange...Shoes: Nine West Outlet...Shades: Gap via TJ Maxx


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