Ice House and Tacos

Friday, June 29, 2012

Pants: Zara...Blouse: Target...Cardigan: Target...Necklaces: Target & J Crew Factory...Earrings: Banana Republic...Shoes: J Jill via Buffalo Exchange...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange...Shades: Gap via TJ Maxx

We said goodbye to our couple friends last night. He finished his Master's and they're going to travel for the summer before they move to Seattle. It's big and exciting, especially since she went up a few weeks ago for a few interviews and has already landed a job and found a place they're likely to rent.

The group met up at the West Alabama Ice House which has a great outdoor seating area, dogs milling around, basketball hoop, and lots of picnic tables. There's an amazing Taco Cart across the street. My Guy has had the hardest time warming up to not-really-nice-looking food carts, but he agreed that we could eat tacos for dinner while we sipped on beer and got nibbled on by mosquitoes. I thiiiink he might be a convert. Mmmm, all that spiced, greasy meat, warm tortillas, cilantro and onion overflowing and tasty, tasty green sauce that burned my mouth. It was a magical meal. And CHEAP!

One of the cute milling dogs was a fluffy, curly haired black ragamuffin, a poodle mix, maybe?, and it kept casually jumping up on the bench of our picnic table as the guys were getting up to shoot some hoops and stuck it's little face into the plate of taco leftovers. I had to swat him away a few times, nervous that he'd eat the onion. Onion is bad for dogs, right?

There was also a minor tragedy with me and the red version of the hot sauce. It was seriously pigmented and managed to get all over my fingers, the back of my hand, up my arm and in between my fingers as I opened the little plastic container. Which meant there was a very high likelihood of getting on myself, which of course I did. I ran into the bathroom and used hand soap to launder myself, walked out with an enormous wet spot and went on my merry way with the knowledge that it's so blasting hot it would dry within a few minutes. And it did. And I stuffed my face with delicious tacos and all was right in my world. Small pleasures.


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