Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pants: Gap...Tee: UO...Shoes: Seychilles via DSW...Belt: Target...Necklace: Target

Our neighbors are the coolest. It's already hot and soupy all the way until the middle of the night, but we still all hunker down at the picnic table outside and chat for hours in the evenings. A lot of us are dog owners so we're formulating a plan to make a wood slat fence of sorts to keep dogs from escaping down the front sidewalk. Miles has been relatively trustworthy to spend the time outside roaming free with his leash dangling behind him, which is kind of unheard of for a beagle, but the fence will be nice.

And our neighbors are such interesting people, too! A special ed teacher, an artist, a gallerist, a wine specialist, a physicist, a med tech/ male nurse. Some of these folks do archery, some do rock climbing, some photograph weddings, some are bidding singer/songwriters. Vast and varied. I learn a new tidbit or hobby every time we hang out together.

We've never really had good neighbors before. In Tucson, our apartment was managed by a scary, angry, vindictive woman, which reeeeally set the mood for the rental experience. In Ohio, we had a string of bass with amp-playing night owls, pot smoking creeps and many arguing couples around our apartment. We're very lucky and happy our place in Texas is full of good people. It really makes it feel like home.

Have you ever had awesome neighbors? Any especially good stories about your nightmare neighbors? Share!


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