Road Trip, the Second Half

Friday, July 13, 2012

In chronological order: 
Our 5-extra-hours-but-totally-worth-it detour to Yellowstone, including Old Faithful and Prismatic Geyser Springs (mineral/ microbe affected to render the bright turquoise and electric orange). A little bonus: we saw a bison on the roadside and jury's out on whether or not we saw a pair of moose or deer in a far field.
A feet-up view of Boss Lady's house up in northern Idaho. No wonder she spends summers up there. There's nothing better than good, usable outdoor space. (PS- my mom and I play a game where we snap a photo of our Chaco sandals in front of the awesome place we are and send it back and forth. I'm winning so far, but that's only because my mom is forgetful.)
Day Trip: We came across a roadside stop that featured a view of the Kootenai Falls and a Swinging Bridge suspended 50+ feet above them. My Guy, the music nerd we all know and love recorded the water for possible use in an electro-acoustic musical composition. I jumped perilously on the bridge. Old growth cedar grove with absolutely amazing giant cedars. (They're over 400 years old!) Beautiful scenery and wonderful exploring with my husband. 
We flew home yesterday and specifically booked the long inconvenient layover in Phoenix juuust in case my sister was free to leave work a touch early and meet up. She did. And we got to see the house she bought last fall and the pup she adopted shortly after. I can't even tell you how full my heart is because we got this visit in. 


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