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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pants: Gap...Tee: H&M...Shoes: Sperry via DSW...Scarf: Liberty of London, thrifted...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange...Shades: via TJ Maxx

Do you guys read Lisa's blog, Respect the Shoes? If you don't, you are missing out in a big way- she's whip smart, insightful, has the best self-deprecating humor, amazing outfits, even better content. She's hosted several Respect the Outfit posts in which readers submit their recent fave outfits or (better yet) photos of some pretty serious bloopers. I love 'em! Today is her Summer Staples offering and I sent a little something in. Check out all the lovely ladies who participated!

Well, it's already been an exciting morning here around Boss Lady's house... We've had on-and-off problems with the alarm tripping with no countdown to get it shut off when we enter in the morning. As in, use my key to unlock the door, swing it open and *WHOOPWHOOPWHOOP* the alarm has been tripped. Three times in the last month. Ridiculous. This is the first time it's actually happened to me, usually the sweet housekeeping gals are assaulted by the screeching, but I happened to be the first one in today. The alarm repair guys came out once a few weeks ago and, clearly, that fixed nada.

On three happier notes, the baseball game was awesome last evening- the stadium was pretty dead (and the Astros are the worst team in baseball right now) so we were spotted and featured on the Air Guitar Cam (!), I spotted a squirrel this morning scaling the side of our building like Spiderman, and we're meeting up with Roo, my Guy's "adopted" little sis from the composition program, for a farewell celebration tonight- she's off to UCLA for her Master's degree! I'm so proud of her.


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