A Weekend Well Spent

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dress: Beijing tailor...Belt: Target...Shoes: Steve Madden...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange...Shades: Coach via TJ Maxx

My bangs are getting ridiculous. Not short enough to be bangs, not long enough to stay behind my ears.  Most days I can hide 'em. And, today- well... huge honkin' clip. It may be time to try smearing them with coconut oil and see it that helps. I'm getting desperate. But smelling like a tropical island and looking like I took a butter bath for a while can't be all that bad if the end result is long, lustrous, quick-growing hair, right?

I feel like I've been making pretty good use of my time as a bachelorette- lots of quality time with the dog, major kitty snuggles, toilet and tub scrubbing, a heroic dust-bunny round up, open-window movie watching, art studio visits with my neighbor, epic video chats with my family (even my sister in Hong Kong!), rockstar new internet service installations and service tech coordination... But I'm most proud of how frequently I resisted the urge to snack. We won't talk about my beer intake, but I ate only 4 cookies all weekend, no chips, only super watered down lemonade, only one bag of popcorn. Not bad for being alone most of the weekend while cleaning and movie-watching. Both of those lend themselves to snacking. If only I could make a good habit of actually eating a mid-day meal... I need my husband back, food is an "eh, I'll wing it" thing to me and a big darn deal to him, so he holds me accountable to eating well and at close-to-correct meal times. I miss his company, but I miss his internal food-clock more while he's off studying 12 hours each day.


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