Thursday, September 27, 2012

Skirt: Target...Blouse: Banana Republic, thrifted...Cardigan: Target...Belt: Target...Shoes: J Jill via Buffalo Exchange...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange...Bracelet: Target...Earrings: Banana Republic

Snakey, lizardy print. Not whatcha usually think of for "animal print," but a fun derivation.

Last evening was so unbelievably full of catch-up chores. Laundry, dishes, tidying, errands. And an enormous burrito for dinner. But, it feels great to have some of it out of my hair, leaving tonight wiiiide open to take in another concert (Boogaloo's recital) and tomorrow and Saturday available for friend nights. We also get to dog-sit our neighbor's two enormous lab mixes for the next several mornings, a bunch of us neighbors are rotating walk and feeding times so they don't have to go to a kennel. I have always joked that I want my home to be like a menagerie- animals and kids everywhere. This will be our first taste of menagerie madness- taking care of 3 dogs and a cat. No fish or guinea pigs yet.

Speaking of critters, perhaps my Friday look can include dog hair in abundance as "animal print."

Have a great Thursday, you all!


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