Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Without too much complaining, just wanted to let you guys know it's been a really crappy couple of days. Overwhelming days. "Really, did that just happen, too?!" days.

I did a good job of sticking up for myself and my family (something I'm really not good at doing) and I left work before lunch to more closely monitor Miles, whose intestinal recovery was not great yesterday.

The rest will do me good, too. I've been a nervous wreck between my poor doggy and my Guy's big tests. (He's feeling pretty good so far!) I've probably slept only three spotty hours each night for the past three nights, shaking Miles awake just to be sure he's not dehydrated or dead, which is a scary thing to have to panic about.

You'll forgive me if I go missing for a few days, right? I'm just going to go nervous barf a little more and sip on soup because it's the only food I can handle.

Thanks for the well wishes. Keep sending out good vibes for my mess-of-a-little-family! We need all we can get.


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