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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hey, friends, so sorry I went MIA last week. I have an excellent reason for being distracted, though.

Hey, remember that time I went to visit my sister in Hong Kong and Beijing and thought it was awesome? (Probably not, it was just before I started the blog.) Well, in 2011, I spent two summertime weeks in Beijing, exploring the city while she was at work. It was amazing, I felt weirdly at home there, I was only asked once for my photo (it's pretty common for tourists to be asked if a local can take a photo with you. Apparently I blended enough to not be too visible). I got a good chuckle about some cultural norms, like wearing ankle-high nylons with sandals. And I really wished for a long long long time that my terrible sole-breadwinner skillz weren't such a deterrent to my own personal travel. When your husband is in a field that necessitates $400 here, $500 there, $150 everywhere to travel to conferences, your own personal travel kind of craps out. And being the non-student in the family kind of sucked for a long time.

Then September 2012 rolled around. Rob, in his 4th and final year of his doctorate in music and in the midst of studying big time for the insane and super involved comprehensive exams gets an email. An application he sent in for a job search last May wanted to do a Skype interview with him (5 days before the big test, no less). And then the dog got crazy sick and I nervous barfed my way through about a week and  a half straight. And then they asked him to go for a campus interview. Not even graduated yet, and they want him to go for an on-site interview. Um, yeah, smarty-pants is doing something right. (And my amazingly vague chatter in those few weeks makes a little more sense, huh?)

So he went. He won. He'll be joining 18 other brand new faculty members and building the composition department (and probably an electronic music studio at some point) of a music school from the ground up at a prestigious university.

In Suzhou, China. Google it. I'll hold on while you do. Or Pinterest. Whatever you wanna do.

That Venice of the East jewel-of-a-city is going to be our new home in 6 months. Please pick your jaw up off the floor and join me in a cheer for making it through all of his degrees without losing my sanity or sense of humor. I will no longer be the Perpetual Student's Wife. My husband is freaking EMPLOYED!

In Beijing 2011, I tied a wish to this bridge near the Confucius Temple. 

One of many many many beautiful gardens in Suzhou


  1. That's awesome! Congrats in the hubby's new job and good luck on your new life adventure :)

  2. Congrats girl! So exciting. :) I worked for five years putting my hubby through seminary and I well remember the thrill when he graduated and got a job. It was awesome. :)

  3. That is so awesome!!! Congratulations!!!
    Btw.. Thanks for the help with the scarf!! Since I don't see a target trip anytime soon, I ordered it, and it arrives tomorrow!!! Happy Monday!!!


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