5 Days 5 Ways Accessories

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I love nothing more than a scarf. Especially a scarf that plays so nicely with tons of color combinations and is the perfect balance of fluffy and lightweight. Some of my other floral scarves are black and white, some are smaller silk squares, but all of them are worn to pieces. I'm in the process of trying desperately to figure out how to get all of our necessities over to Suzhou without having to wait a million years to ship them over via cargo, wait patiently for a family member to come visit, or overload and pay for extra suitcases. And while I think I have a decent-ish handle on curating a workable wardrobe for the first little while, I just don't think I can leave behind scarves. It's a work in progress, for sure.

Come hang out for Franziska and Whitney's 5 Days 5 Ways: Accessories. I thought perhaps showcasing either my simple gold ball earrings or skinny belts could also be fun... except those aren't remixes... that laziness.


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