Gettin' Fancy, 60's Style

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Pop Art Soiree... the all-consuming gala is over. Not without incident, of course, but for all the work and drama we invested in getting ready, it sure was fun!

High points:
Our honoree (President of the Children's Hospital) told my friend her short haircut styled a little like James Dean was "fancy."
The little girl who came with her family to present the award to the honoree (a cancer survivor who had her treatment at the hospital, where our organization also presents arts education programming) was way way way proud of her dress. The cutest.
Pop Art = the cool version of the 60's = seriously amazing dresses.
A board member got a little faced and fell under her table. At least it was in the corner of the ballroom.
I was the test run for the Smilebooth set up. It was so sad and lonely looking. Even though I made fish lips. I neglected to take any fun photos with anyone, so that hideous solo photostrip is all I got. Nope, not gonna share.
I made buddies with a gaggle of High Schoolers who volunteered with us. I have NO idea how kids today seem so much more cool than when I was in high school.
My coworker wore 1 1/2" long holographic gold false eyelashes. Win.
I last-minute had a dress altered that I thrifted. Not bright or tremendously 60's, but very pretty.

Oh, my gosh, look how 80's awful the neckline was when I thrifted it!


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