Oh, Hey Guys!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just a few looks that I was wearing over two weeks ago while it was chilly here in Houston... and then the Gala week showed up and I have zero memory of what I wore, no idea what I ate, no memory of getting any sleep. No joke there- I spent two nights last week hanging out in my office making friends with the vaccuum crew until 3 am. But, the Gala happend, we put out fires as cheerfully as we could, and our guests had a whole lot of fun! So, whether it was perfect or not, it was memorable and, I think, a success! But, more on that later.

Some upcoming goodies in a few subsequent posts: a few photos from our trip to Tucson for Rob's collaboration show with Artifact Dance. Tales of the Gala that happend on Thursday. Pictures of the Orange Show Un-Concert that happened last night and is going down again tonight. It's been a busy busy busy couple of weeks, and maaaaan am I glad it's all winding down, but lots of good stuff. 

I'm exhausted!


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