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Monday, August 29, 2011

 And now for something completely different: Replicating another fashionable woman's outfit.

Let me preface this whole outfit by saying two things: 1- I have never owned a chambray shirt. I wasn't able to find one that didn't flap like bat wings at my armpits. 2- I have never owned a bright floral skirt. It draws attention and is the only red article of clothing I own. Mid-20's and I don't own red.
Anyway, I was immediately drawn to the summery look of these ladies and knew I had to go for it when I found the chambray shirt at Target last week. It fit, it was $17 and it was mine. I am not sure this look will become a staple for me, but it really is good to try new things.

Kendi Everyday: this outfit and Mint & Mellow: this outfit

Here's my rendition:
Shirt: Target...Skirt: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfiters

Reverse french braided bun
I needed to house sit for the last two nights and so this bun saved my butt today. I showered yesterday, put my hair up and slept on it and am still not in bad shape for today. Kate-1, hair-0.

I am so grateful this weekend feels like it's lasted for at least 5 days, and I still have all of today to enjoy! My Guy may end up choosing to spend his day at school finishing a movement of his string quartet, so that sounds to me like an open invitation to spend my day wandering around Marshalls or something. See everyone tomorrow.


  1. I love it! I am fretting over what I am going to do with my hair tomorrow, I might try this!

  2. You look so adorable. And I am so confused by your hair but so in love with it. Tutorial?

  3. I LOVE your copycat outfit. That skirt is so pretty! And I love what you did with your hair. :)

  4. i really like this outfit, you rocked the chambray shirt quite well for your first time. i also like your hairdo.

  5. Great summery look indeed - love how you worked with the inspiration photos. And the hairdo!


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