Dressing up Jeans... is this cheating?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I wore white jeans since it was still a work day. Can we agree that I deftly combined the needs of my job and the requirements of the challenge rather than flat out saying I'm breakin' the law? Thank for the leeway, guys!
Anyway, I remixed the sweater from this day. That's 2 of 3. As it turns out, I scrunch up sleeves frequently and this is a cotton blend... Apartment living with a coin op dryer means I went baggy. Baggy is nice. I looked a little dumpy. Good thing the royal blue silk tie front blouse was a pretty good distraction and brought the eyes up and away from the puddle of teal fabric at my hips.
PS... I would live in silk and wool if I could. Fave fibers. And quite different, huh?
Pants: Gap...Blouse: Banana Republic via Buffalo Exchange...Cardigan: Gap...Shoes: Nine West via Buffalo
Dumpy sweater silhouette
Key to fab shoes on the cheap: STALK your resale shops. I'm serious. Be that creeper.

A little pat on the back for me: I sold some things at Buffalo Exchange and Blackbird Trading over the past few days and made $89 total! Unheard of! I blew the Buffalo caysh-monies on the shoes and a little orange dress.
Background story on my need for a silly orange dress: I sometimes work with a non-profit that uses orange everything for branding. In the fall we host a Gala (remember the story of the unproductive Gala Auction meeting?) and the "party favors" are usually also centerpieces, which are all handmade. Like crafty, kitschy homemade. We get together with board members, patrons, local wackos, etc. and throw a BBQ/ decor party. Silly cotton dress will be dang cute, huh? I threw on a Target el cheapo button down under it (I went with the red, yellow and blue one). What else might I consider for styling this bad boy? The BBQ is a big social hoo-ha and I want to be festive but look nice. Thoughts?

I'm house sitting tonight and will get to lounge in the sun for a while tomorrow. I may die of a heat stroke, but some tanned legs would be nice. Happy weekend, all!


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  2. I really love the ankle length on you. And you are totally rocking those white jeans, girlie! I also roll up all my sleeves for some reason.

    That orange dress look super cute. Can't wait to see how else you'll style it, even though I'm really digging what you got going on with that plaid shirt.


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