Skirt or Dress- Monochrome part 2

Friday, August 26, 2011

My wardrobe is a sea of neutrals and, while giving myself a challenge of working with the crop pants was a good self-improvement step, the monochrome was a little dull. I think if I used silky ivories or added more depth with a darker camel, it would have been more interesting.
To make up for that, I yanked out this Dress for today's challenge and rather than pairing it with a neutral sweater, my go-to color combo, I went Monochrome again. In blues. I'm so snazzy.
I also wore a pair of pumps that are way more comfortable than they ought to be- for Pete's sake they're croc embossed leather. Foxy shoes should be pain and torture, but these are a relatively modest 3" heel, have great flex and fit my foot very well.
Aaaand, fun fact: this Target dress was lovingly armpit altered by a very sweet girlfriend. There is nothing worse than a shirtdress that droops to look like an oversized 80's trenchcoat.

Dress: Target...Cardigan: J Crew Outlet...Belt: stolen from sis

Pearls & Jade: from China

Shoes: MaxStudio via DSW

Last evening I got roped into a surprise Gala Auction meeting, which was so nebulous and distracted I can hardly stand it. There is discussion of purchasing some sort of auction software and I can see ZERO reason that it's even up for debate- the tracking system that we've been using is mediocre and time consuming at best, the follow up and billing at the end of the event evening itself would be drastically simplified, eliminating the man-power and time suck for the staff post-event. Etc. etc. etc. Anyway, there may be a few good new contacts for items that came from the meeting, but I sat through 2 hours of torture for a lot of nothing. No concrete decisions or plans of action. Wah.
I went home to a sushi evening, though. That helped.


  1. I see all those awesome Target clothes online and I m wondering when am I going to bump on a real store in UK? I really like your dress!

  2. I really love this outfit and the draping of the cardigan. Also the belted look always gets me every time.


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