Closet Orphans, 3 options

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I began rooting through my closet looking for lonely, unused clothing and came to the realization that I really only keep what I know I'm going to wear. I did discover a treasure trove of items that I need to try to resell or donate for the upcoming fall season, so it's loaded in my car, awaiting an opportunity to do so! I hope some lunchtime this week allows me the opportunity, it would be so nice to get that stuff out of my hair.
Anyway, I did come across a few blouses and skirts that I feel less that fabulous in, so I tried styling them a different way. I wear them for only special reasons or a certain "type" of outfit, so they're Closet Typecasts. The Steve Buscemi characters of my wardrobe. The Keanu Reeves persona of my chest of drawers. Enough analogies? Well, then let's get to the break-down.

Late night try-on 1: The DVF thrifted blouse. It is so lovely and is a great silk crepe, I couldn't pass it up. AND IN MY SIZE! How many times does that happen while thrifting? Anyway, the silk, the gold detail, the ruffles, it's all so beautiful, but how does one wear it? I feel like if I tried to do a Fancy/ Casual thing with this blouse  and pair it with a pair of skinny jeans, the ruffles would make it look like a dressed up Rodeo. I don't really have a pencil skirt that would do it justice and match it's fabulousness. Thoughts? Opinions?

The white skirt was noooot right. Blouse: DVF, thrifted...Skirt: thrifted...Shoes: Kate Spade, thrifted

The detail sure is beautiful, though!

Late night try-on 2: the Target patterned skirt. I felt a little better in this outfit, but it was too casual for the work week. I'm also not convinced I got the shoes right when I styled it. Maybe oxfords. Or a wedge heel. Something with just a liiiittle more presence to give weight to my lower extremities. The tiny striped sweater is fun, though, huh?

Skirt: Target...Tee: J Crew Outlet...Sweater: J Crew Outlet...Shoes: Biviel, DSW...Belt & Bag: thrifted

That's a whole lot of texture!

What I really wore: Thrifted swing blouse. This blouse nearly made its way out of my closet several times. It is really really wide. It has never looked good in terms of fit, even though I took it in already so the swing silhouette wasn't comically large. It's just large now. I haven't been able to part with it yet for two reasons: The print is so frickin' cheerful and it will one day make cuuute maternity wear. Perhaps I should just choose not to wear it again until I'm at least 30 weeks along. Which may be a while.

Blouse: thrifted...Skirt: thrifted...Sweater: Gap...Shoes: Nine West, Buffalo Exchange

These are at the top end of my heel high tolerance.

Cloisonne cheapies from Beijing

What do you all think? Any good at all?

One last goodie: I can't keep baby hairs and clumps of loose stuff in my high buns, so I flipped my head over, began a french braid at the bottom and ended up with this:


  1. That floral blouse is gorgeous, and looks great with the pencil skirt. I'm glad you picked it!

    Re - ruffled skirt: as long as you don't wear cowgirl boots with it, I think you'll be fine.

    14 Shades Of Grey

  2. I like your outfit, but I love love your hair. Genius!

  3. that hair is awesome! and i love the blouse.

  4. I think the blouse is great! You could always take it in if it's too wide. The gold blouse at the top would make a great fancy/casual mix with a denim or dark linen skirt, or even jeans.

  5. I love your hair!! The flowery shirt with the flowery heels and bracelets... It's all just too cute!

  6. Totally going to try that hair style! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Social Work Couture

  7. Ok, I'm in love with that blouse of yours, I think you paired it well with that skirt. I would never think you looked like you were going to a rodeo in it. Also, your flowery heels and your hair, I die. Love it!

  8. I love the third outfit!and also your hair!I am always looking for hair styles that keep my hair out of the way so I think I ll give it a try soon!


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