Weekend Thrift Finds

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I had a lot of success with thrifting accessories over the weekend and figured I should share my excitement. While in the real world, this makes me a kook, in the fashion blogging world, this makes me a rockstar. And I like that better.

Funny little leather bag with aaaall kinds of stuff going on: cognac croc embossed, smooth chocolate brown, dark brown woven leather details, and both Tiffany's-esque pendants and Western closures.
Yup. That glorious texture is all mine now.

Menswear belt with thick silver buckle and woven leather front face.

My three belt finds: dark brown, tomato red and navy. The two skinny belts came out of the kids section and fit nicely around my waist with pencil skirts.

I think my belt collection is coming along, I used to only have really safe options, like a nice camel leather and a thick dark brown leather... I'm gathering more options in the skinny belt category, which is so much better for the work week. Now, if I could only find more funky shoes, I could branch out and give outfits a real kick in the butt.
Look out for Orphan Outfits later on today!


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