Holy Poo, am I really starting a fashion blog?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I began a blog and never updated it for my trip earlier this summer when I went to visit my sis in Beijing. Well, I will get back to that ironic story-telling soon, I have to (there are too many good photos and anecdotes to share). Buuut, for now I am inspired to begin telling the story of how I choose to look better, and the steps I'm taking to do so.
I have aaaaalways been a jeans and t-shirt girl. My mom is one of the most cheerful nature-bound people I know and I happily followed right in her footsteps as a kid. I slopped my way through man-made mudslides at camp, developed a sharp eye for spotting lizards and deer in metroparks, learned many useful sing-song lessons about plants (Leaves of three, let it be, or I'll have spots all over me!= Poison Ivy). But, one can't really partake in the joys of the great outdoors in pencil skirts and pumps.
Fun fact, I also danced ballet for years as a little girl. I loved the spectacle of stages and set design, the glamour of the costumes, the beauty and strength of the human body. To this day, I am in awe of the men and women who are truly skilled dancers and their ability to sense where their bodies are in space and manipulate it in a way that is so visually striking. Experiencing the loveliness of a complete production, set, costumes and all, excites me every time.
Developmental headspace- Check. Current situation- I am a happily married 20-something who, for the past 5 years, has been following the Guy cross-country while he attends schools for advanced degrees in Music Composition. We're one year of classes and a year for writing a dissertation piece away from another country hop and his first full-time job. In college, I studied Interior Design, Art History, Architecture, etc. and landed an internship at an office furniture showroom. Moved, worked for a tiny design firm (and got laid off when the economy went south). Part time job at botanical gardens turned into full time events planning at gardens. Moved, sold residential furniture for 35 seconds because I hated it and management was the pits. I finally landed a job as a personal assistant to a woman who is an arts patron, business retiree, cheerful space-cadet with money. It places me in the interesting position of being near fabulous art, both famous and self-taught, I meet fascinating people in the social and art worlds, and many of my days are spent running funny errands with my windows down. I am surrounded by wealth, beauty, class, creativity and intention every day. I really ought to start looking more the part.
Anyway, I have become recently enamored with style and fashion blogs and disenchanted with High Style magazines. It's unattainable, unwearable and frivolous. Looking good in order to feel better and do well in life is, however, a little more in line with my design aesthetic and world view.
So, in conclusion, I will leave you with a gooby picture of myself and promises of posts to come.
This is me 'n Confucius during my Beijing trip.


  1. Welcome!! I'm so excited to see the fruits of this little style-blogging adventure! :)


  2. (Also, I style-blog at http://theshoeologist.com)



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