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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I will admit to REALLY enjoying this little challenge- it's the 21 Day Challenge Dressy + Casual day! I found this gingham shirt at the Outlets over the weekend and, even though it's a boyfriend style (with slit pockets in the front!), it is trim and has nice narrow sleeves, perfect for tucking into something fitted. The skirt was actually made at a tailor in Beijing. Sarah and I spent a morning in an enormous fabric market, picked some things out and each had some clothes copied. Tailored to perfection and cut longer, this skirt is made out of a thick nubby cotton/ linen blend. 
Paired with pearls and tailored pumps, the whole thing is a lot of business wear silhouettes and staples with a casual vibe. I felt really good wearing this today. Style rut pending?...

Skirt: China-made...Shirt: Banana Outlet...Belt: thrifted...

Bracelets: Gap necklaces wound around
Polish: Essie Sew Psyched with Sephora by OPI sheer coat on top

It's grocery night. We haven't been serious about shopping for at least 2 weeks. I'm scared about the bill, we have NOTHING in the fridge or pantry right now. A whole mess of rice, lots of canned pineapple, questionable sliced cheese and not much else. I think it's time...
Also,  I am really in need of Beagle time. Ever have a day where you really miss your dog?


  1. You look like you walked straight out of a magazine!

  2. Look at you all sexy librarian! Love this!

  3. I loathe those "we have no food" weeks. Today is one of them for me!

  4. I'm so over my red gingham shirt and I want a blue one! lol You look fabulous! I love it paired with your pencil skirt. It's so prim and proper, but still kind of playing with the rules a little bit. Love it!

  5. ahhhh your casual + dressy outfit is so much better than mine! :) i love it! and your twist in your hair looks great!


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