Lookin' Good for Tennis Golf

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Guy's bromance exposed us all to something dangerously addictive: Tennis Golf. Well, we call it Beer Golf, but here's the details:

Whack a tennis ball with a golf club to an agreed upon target in a field. Give it a random par. Drag a cooler of crappy canned beer and drink. Repeat until you're feeling done.

Let me preface all of this by mentioning that this group of friends and fellow golfers are Grad students and Doctoral candidates at an institute of higher learning ranked in the top 20 in the States. And we putt tennis balls around campus like a bunch of tipsy goobers.

Naturally, it was the final day of the 21 Day Challenge and I needed to both look my best and remix one last time. For the first day in AGES, we had a reprieve from the heat with spits of rain, so I was weirdly chilled- return of my teal cardigan! I am a jeans and oxford button down girl at heart, so I went with what makes me feel most comfortable in my skin today. I may not have been dressed to my fullest potential, but I felt good.

Button down: Target...Cardigan: Gap...Jeans: Gap Real Straight...Shoes: Nine West Outlet

Earrings: J Crew Outlet... Oh, hi Frizz.

My Guy's "adopted" little sister, Roo.
Tomorrow we are heading over to Roo's place for the Composer Party to kick off the new school year. I looooooooove cookouts and potlucks.

See you all tomorrow evening, with drool all over my face and coleslaw on the front of my shirt. Because I'm a glutton.


  1. Even dressed down you still look like you stepped right off a runway!

    Freckles in April


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