Menswear, Round 2

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thiiiiiiis is what I wanted to wear during Kalya's 21 Day Challenge Menswear Day. My first attempt was just post-kitty drama and I was sooo tired after being up all night at the emergency Vet, but I had good reason to try it again. Really, really good reason to try again.

Last night was my Guy's 2nd composition recital and it was completely amazing. I sent out a plea a few days ago for help with inspiration and I got some awesome advice about kicking basic black-on-black up a notch with rocking shoes. I switched it to a rocking tie and comfy wedges.

Pants: Gap...Shirt: J Crew...Vest: Trina Turk, thrifted...Tie: borrowed...Shoes: Payless, old

For fun, here's a few shots from the evening... My Guy writes a good chunk of his music with interactive electronics, meaning that some of it is prerecorded that the instrumentalists play along with, some of it is played into microphones which feeds into the computer and my Guy has pre-programmed effects that instantaneously goes back out the speakers. It's fascinating how much work and programming and precision goes into each piece.
My Guy at the helm

my Guy's Bromance is conducting, in the center.

With his quartet performers.
After the concert... he looks relieved, huh?
If you all are interested or even a little curious, the recordings should be on his website in the next few days. Click the picture below and it will go straight to the Composition page. Click around on titles to read more about each and to listen to recordings. Last night they played "Natural Selection," "Untangle my Tongue," and "The Gate."

See you all tomorrow. Hope your weekend was lovely!

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  1. what fit are those Gap pants? You really rock the menswear look - I especially like the wedges with this ensemble.


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