Outlet Purchases: a few remixes

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey, crew. Just a heads up, I snapped A LOT of really horrible pictures tonight and they're kind of more for my memory than anything. Take a peek if you want but fair warning- these costume changes make me look like an obsessive crazy person.

I played in the Outlet with a girlfriend yesterday and bought some goodies- I'm still deciding on some of these items, but here's what I found...

J Crew Outlet Orange & White checked button down:
I was a little iffy on the color, but decided to bring it home and give it a whirl. As it turns out, it's wildly versatile for fall. I thought I might have ended up looking like a clownfish, but I had an easy time of remixing it today. The only time I felt a little like a goldfish was the one with the blue skirt. Add a sweater and that concern is gone.

Neeeext, the J Crew Outlet Striped lightweight sweater:
I like this in a casual application- very soft, easy to throw on and look stylish. It has a certain "look" to the outfits, though. I recently-ish thrifted and wore this striped sweater, but I didn't really love how tight and long and lowcut the thrifted one is, it's awfully hard to layer. THOUGHTS?

Here's the J Crew Outlet striped long sleeved tee:
I bought this light color and a darker one. I thought in store that the dark one was navy and white, but I fear it's actually black. Which I have already. Back it goes. I remixed the light one with the same sweater and blazer just to see dressy vs. casual possibilities.

Aaand Banana Republic tie front silk blouse:
I like it a lot but I fear it's a lot like another thrifted blouse I wore a few weeks ago. Yesterday's find has a bigger bow, more plum color and is a bit more fitted. It also has more shine to the silk, which of course I like. Whaddaya think- too close to what I have or too fab to return?

If you decided to hang in there until the end, I admire you, am grateful for you and pity you just a little. That was a lot of blurry crap pictures.

Please lemme know what you think of these finds. I have a few thoughts but some outside insight and extra eyeballs would be helpful!


  1. Well, I think they are all great finds, and my goodness, looks like endless combination possibilities!!!! Bravo!

  2. good finds! I like the orange gingham top and the striped lightweight sweater the most. (you had some great remixes with them!) The others are good but not great, imo.

  3. @LatteLoveThose were my thoughts, too. Thank you for the affirmation. Blouse and striped tees are going back!


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