Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My work world is filled with boxes. Still. My boss has been moved in for months now and we're still shuffling and shuttling things between the office and house. We have empty unpacked Rubbermaid tubs everywhere from when things were in storage between moves (she spent 3 years living with her daughter and grandkids while searching for and renovating the "right" next house) and somehow we still don't have the correct type of storage. Did you know it is wildly difficult to gauge what style of tub a whole bunch of legal sized files will fit in? I bought and returned two poor selections. Thank goodness Target is just down the road. I now have 3 stuffed full file drawers worth of file folders jammed into 6 enormous plastic bins with lids. Where will we store them at the house? I dunno. But I'll guarantee we'll try 3 or 4 closets before deciding they belong back at the office.

Pants: Zara...Tee: Banana Outlet...Cardigan: J Crew Outlet...Shoes: Steve Madden

My very bad haircut growing itself out- do you like how one side got a thick, ledge-like set of "layers". No blending and movement here- just a top and bottom layer (the bottom gets stuck over my shoulder and leaves me with this delightful one-sided medium cut. Grow, top layers.
My beautiful porcelain shard pendant from Beijing. This is from the same girls my sister buys all her pearls from, too.

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  1. Love the 60's vibe in this outfit! It looks so effortless and cute. And the porcelain pendant is truly gorgeous.

    14 Shades Of Grey


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