Compare and Contrast

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is totally shallow and I know it, but I popped into Buffalo Exchange last night for funsies and came across a rockin' grey skirt with pleating and waist detail. It's designer, but I don't remember what, and its 'spensive for resale ($26!)... I put it on hold and wore my closest match that is already in my wardrobe so I can go back and compare the two. Is the newbie as awesome as I think it is? Or is it close enough that I can be satisfied with what I have already? The catch is that I really love the new one, but the back zipper needs a little work, and is it really worth it at $26?

Aaaanyway, I wore basics so I wouldn't be distracted by anything other than the lines of each skirt. My Guy is heading out of town for a convention this weekend, so I really shouldn't be spending, but I really do think I like this skirt.

Told you this was shallow and ridiculous. Guess that happens every once in a while.

Skirt: Banana...Tee: Gap...Cardigan: Banana...Shoes: Le Sportsac via DSW...Belt: Target...Necklace: DIY


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