It'll be 84 F today, Oops.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I picked out this outfit last night and by the time I was wearing it and ready to snap some photos, my Guy said, "Oh, boy! High of 84 today!" Oops. I'll just sweat, I guess. I love the mix of black, brown, grey, color, texture. I think if it really were to be cold outside today, a pair of tights would make this outfit darn near perfect. Midi-nubby knit skirt, a little flowy silk in the blouse, color, scarf. Love.

Skirt: Thrifted...Blouse: Banana, thrifted...Cardigan: Target...Shoes:, thrifted...Scarf: Gap...Belt: thrifted...Bag: via Buffalo Exchange

Earrings: gift from friends in Tucson. I think these were made by a local artist, but I never got her name.

Two fun stories about my feet: 1. These shoes were my very first designer find at a thrift shop (MaxStudio). I bought them two years ago and today is the first time during fall months that I've felt confident enough in my high-heel walking skills to actually wear them. The black and brown combo, the cut-out, the peep toe, the thicker heel. They're so fall-chic.
2. My toenails are actually painted with a very dark purple and a plum colored crackle over, they're not gross and deteriorating. The crackle is a ridiculous terrible-for-you concoction I found at a discount market in Beijing. The formula is so stinky, you just know you should restrict use to once a year or risk cancer. I'm going to rock this crackle pedi for as long as I can, it's not coming back for a while.

I plan to thrift like crazy tomorrow because my next two weekends will be a total bust until the Gala is over. I have a day-long adventure planned out, I hope it will be successful. It better be, I have 4 shops on my short list.

See y'all manana. I promise to put clothing on. I can't afford another hideous repeat of last weekend's pajama fest. My guy was so embarrassed for me.

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  1. I love the color of your sweater - so pretty with your brown hair! The cutouts on your shoes ate pretty awesome, too! Happy thrifting!


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