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Friday, January 13, 2012

This is another example of why you stalk you local resale stores. How cool is this jacket? A little hip, a lot lovely, and designer for under $25. Yup, I just purchased that Free People boucle jacket with little cordovan leather accents in all my favorite neutrals for $24.50. (I also tried on a Prada cropped boucle jacket, which fit beautifully, but it was $60. Nope.) Of course I gave it a test drive with a simple black on black base and added a mix of ivory and grey pearls, all my basics. Throw in a 4 day old vampy manicure and call it a winter outfit success with minimal effort.

I'll temper all this excitement with a few quick notes: I'm not a "designer slut"- if it fits and it's beautiful and within my price range, I'll appreciate the designer status as a likely indication of a more quality made item and not a status symbol. Also, I'm a cheap-skate. This is the first article of clothing I've fallen in love with and purchased since sometime in mid-November. I think I bought socks somewhere in there. But, that's the fun of shopping your closet, not the store- it gives you a chance to get reacquainted with your wardrobe as a whole, allows you to digest the notion of "your style" or "your signature look" and to move on with new purchases accordingly.

So, what's been your recent favorite find and personal style statement?

Pants: Zara...Tee: GapBody...Blazer: Free People via Buffalo Exchange...Shoes: Naturalizer...Pearls: J Crew and from Beijing


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