A Rude Awakening

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My cat is a jerk. A need machine. A pillow-usurping nightmare. I spent last night on barely a  corner of my own pillow. Because she slept like a little princess right in the middle of it. Let's take a moment to discuss the frequency with which I steal a majority of the blankets and "snuggle up and borrow a corner" of my guy's pillow, but seriously? RIGHT in the middle? And what's worse is that I felt a little bad about disturbing her. I mean, her normal happy place overnight is on the windowsill that is behind our low headboard, shrouded by snuggle curtains. It's her own little cave, but it got cold and she needs a little warmth, I get it.

And then she got up at 4 am, stretched, stepped on my face and pranced down the length of my body and proceeded to squawk about being hungry (she only gets dinners). I quit feeling bad after that.

It got chilly again, guys. Back to tights and wool-blend sweaters. Dangit.

Dress: Marshalls...Cardigan: Banana via Buffalo Exchange...Tights: Gap...Shoes: Naturalizer...Necklace: J Crew Outlet 


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