Sunday Brights

Monday, January 23, 2012

I don't have much to talk about today- I'm working my way through a closet purge of sorts, but its kind of loosey-goosey. I maybe should have spent a little more time thinking through what actually needs to be purged, but maybe just ousting a handful of for-sure-no's will kick start thinking about my closet as a whole. I have a lot of things I like, but I haven't started thinking through what fits into my "intended overall look" and so I don't want to donate what might still be in the running. Aaaanyway, it's good to get into it.

I hope your Sunday is shaping up nicely- I'll see you all in the morning!

Pants: Gap...Shirt: thrifted...Cardigans: Target...Shoes: Nine West Outlet


BTW- Get excited for Kayla's 10 Day Challenge! I'm so happy and grateful to have found the original 21 Day Challenge juuust as I was beginning to blog, having a little direction and making some friends along the way was such a gift!

Check it out, link up, and have some fun with us!


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