Sweater Bling

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

There's not much sun out today, so I brought my own.

I thrifted this absurd sweater about 6 months ago and just now gathered the confidence to wear it. It is so shiny. I figured my first go-'round with it should be fairly neutral since it scares me. (I would have worn this on Friday, but it wasn't a tremendously practical travel choice.) And the funny thing is that I wear the crap outta these gold skimmers. I've had them a year and wore them easily 75% of the time last summer. So, it must not be that I'm scared of gold, it must be that I'm scared of it being near my face. (And I secretly want to be more like Jentine, with her amazing wearing of thrifted gold tops en mass and wearing gold pants, so I figured I ought to give this sweater a whirl- this is one of my favorite blogs)

Pants: Zara...Button-down: Target...Sweater: Lauren by Ralph Lauren, thrifted...Shoes: Le SportSac via DSW.


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