I went Walkin' in Memphis

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Before we even get this rolling- ShyBiker and The Savvy Speechie were dead on with fun and food- thanks you both! I'm feeling delightfully stuffed to the brim with BBQ.

On to the weekend- I adore my family. I especially like the silliness. This was our second annual halfway-between-Ohio-and-Texas meetup in Memphis over my brother's and my shared birthday weekend (when we were in the matching process for adoption, the shared birthday was our "sign"- I love it!)

Full disclosure, I don't really love my birthday, being 27 with no kids, no real career to speak of, no house, another unknown move within a few years... it's a darn good thing my Guy is a good one; feeling like you're married and fast approaching 30 without any of the life-of-a-responsible-adult goodies is a depressing thing. Year after year.

Which is why I'm so glad that I have someone with whom I can happily share the spotlight. And a family who happily shares an adventure rather than solely gift-giving. And a birthday buddy with a good sense of humor about sharing the day with a big sister. Nuttiness and absurd humor and mimicking Elvis and dad jokes and card games ensue.

Hahahahahah. I love my brother! 

I bawled my eyes out at the National Civil Rights Museum. What a sad time in our nation's history. 

Sun Studio- I can't believe how many amazing artists recorded here!

The first amp to provide a "distorted guitar" sound (due to the damage and paper stuffing). Used in "Rocket 88," recognized to be the first Rock & Roll song.

I can't believe he let me do this.


I call this photo "Good thing Mom had a Loner Hand."

In the most amazing "junk shop" ever. I really love these awesome 80's readers.

Three things: My dad is indeed hanging out the front of a mod cube-with-a-hole side table. We are tooootally doing the "asian tourist" hand pose. My brother sees so clearly how nuts we all are. Nice.


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